The Last Hour




The Last Hour is the solo project of Roberto Del Vecchio ex-Gothica, well known Cold Meat Industry act. Some of you probably know TLH by its great contribution to CMI sampler 'Flowers Made of Snow'.
The music is post-cold dark wave, played in an atmospheric and romantic way (this is Italian!) with touch of harsh industrial elements and modern electronica, combined with neo-classical and soundtrack-like tunes. In some parts it reminds a lot of classic Hyperium releases (Stoa, Anchoarge, Manic P) as well as such Projekt bands as Lycia and Soul Whirling Somewhere or recent CMI signers like :Golgatha:, Atrium Carceri , or even 4AD icons like This Mortal Coil, Dead Can Dance and Clan of Xymox.


released August 19, 2014

Music composed by Roberto Del Vecchio except "New Dawn Fades" by Joy Division and "It Is The Hour" composed with Aimaproject

Lyrics written by Roberto Del Vecchio except "Feelings", poem by Aimaproject, "New Dawn Fades" by Ian Curtis, "Chanson d'Automne", poem by Paul Verlaine from Poemes Saturniens (1866)

Guitars in "New Dawn Fades" by Nicola Zinni
Voice in "Chanson d'Automne" by Aimaproject

Samples in "It Is The Hour" taken from "Viskningar och rop" (1972) by Ingmar Bergman

Recorded and mixed in the White Room. Mastered by Reeks at Hombre Lobo, Rome

Photo by © Aimaproject



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Into Empty Depth
I create my small universe
Enlightened by the red moon
Decorated by planets and stars
Sublime music delights it

Myriads of essences float
Searching for the absolute
Inconceivable immensity
Into empty depth

Great and divine Nature
Indifferent you observe my shipwreck
Distant are the love shores
I drown under the relentless wave

Into empty depth
Track Name: Waiting For The Rain To Fall
The Sun has gone away
Cold, dark clouds of fate
It’s time to say goodbye
It’s just time to die

Waiting for the rain to fall

The Love has gone away
Tonight I wish it would rain
It’s time to say goodbye
It’s just time to die

Waiting for the rain to fall
Track Name: Feelings
In the deep night of my memories
I feel the loss of life
Everything slides away
And my constant feelings

Fall drop by drop

In the deep hollow of my soul
Drops constant fall
Everything slides away
And my constant feelings

Fall drop by drop
Track Name: New Dawn Fades
A change of speed, a change of style.
A change of scene, with no regrets,
A chance to watch, admire the distance,
Still occupied, though you forget.
Different colours, different shades,
Over each mistakes were made.
I took the blame.
Directionless so plain to see,
A loaded gun won't set you free.
So you say.

We'll share a drink and step outside,
An angry voice and one who cried,
'We'll give you everything and more,
The strain's too much, can't take much more.'
Oh, I've walked on water, run through fire,
Can't seem to feel it anymore.
It was me, waiting for me,
Hoping for something more,
Me, seeing me this time, hoping for something else.
Track Name: Chanson d'Automne
Les sanglots longs
Des violons
De l'automne
Blessent mon coeur
D'une langueur

Tout suffocant
Et blême, quand
Sonne l'heure,
Je me souviens
Des jours anciens
Et je pleure

Et je m'en vais
Au vent mauvais
Qui m'emporte
Deçà, delà,
Pareil à la
Feuille morte.
Track Name: The Unknown
Protect me from life’s illusions
Cover me with black veils
Prisoner of endless arabesques
I dream non-existent worlds

Suspended on the abyss
I feel the shivers of the unknown